Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wyoming, show us your Grand Tetons!

  We knew we were going to have a shorter ride day so we took our time getting up and ready to roll.  The motel featured a full breakfast so we dined in.  After a few missteps with Biker Mike missing his keys and Michael having a wardrobe malfunction as the zipper broke on his riding jacket.  Biker found his keys and had a buddy do a search for a repair place in Jackson so we knew we could get Michael's jacket fixed once we got to Jackson WY, our destination for the day.  Only about 190 miles today.
  Weather was grand, clear and sunny and not too hot.  We rolled out of Kemmerer and headed out across the high plains.  I put my cowboy music on the headphones and sang Ghost Riders in the Sky at the top of my lungs.  In your helmet, no one can hear you sing!  Almost cried with joy.  I could do this seemly forever.  The last song in the playlist was Roy Rogers and Dale Evans singing Happy Trails.  LOL.
  This part of Wyoming is in boom time with all the oil.  Lots of tent and trailer camps for the workers.  Making decent money if the size of the pick-ups are any indication.
  A quick note about Beaux Hemoth.  I have bonded well with the mighty Road King.  Gotten used to the weight and am more comfortable riding it.  Of course, I have a list of what I would modify if I owned it.  Better suspension, better saddle etc.  Just a thing I have about tailoring a machine to my tastes.  Overall very pleased with the bike.
  Around noon, we spied the Grand Tetons in the distance for the first time.  Stopped at place for fuel and lunch.  Being in no hurry with is nice.  A county deputy who was there at the gas station warned us that the closer we get to Yellowstone, the crazier the drivers are and to be careful.  We thanked him and made for Jackson.  Glorious ride by the Hoback River and into Jackson.  Checked into the lovely and the most expensive Motel 6 in world I think.  No matter.  We have a home for the evening.  Went had a Moose Drool beer at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar and Gift Shop.  Found a good Thai place called Thai Me Up and feasted until we were full as ticks on a hound dog.
  Looking forward Yellowstone and the Beartooth Highway tomorrow.
Watch over us, Aunt Ruth.  I feel you with me.

I dunno, what does your GPS say?

Yes, we do look like that at lunch

Road Food

It's what we make in a day from you tourists

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