Friday, August 9, 2013

Transit Wyoming/Montana Keep on the Sunny Side (Not)

  How do I describe one of the most thrilling days in my time on the planet?  It was the best of weather, it was the worst of weather.  It was forests and lakes and streams and rivers and mountains.   Sulpher springs and mud pots.  It was easy riding, it was rough riding.  Guess I should start at the beginning of the day.
  We were up fairly early, knowing that it was going to be long day, 226 miles.  Breakfasted at the Virginian Lodge in Jackson.  Well fed and watered (and coffeed), we took out for Grand Teton National Park.  Beautiful sunny day, a little cool to start but warmed to a pleasant mid 70's.  Hit the park at the perfect time of morning, the light hitting the peaks at just the right angle.  Stopped for some picture whoring and checked off our second National Park of the trip.
  Next up was Yellowstone.  Love this park.  Outside of insane people driving massive RV's stopping to look at wildlife because they can't be bothered with totally pulling of the road.  Mind you, the wildlife, mostly bison were fairly close the road.  Certainly not in the road.  The only reason I mention it at all is that it makes for some scary riding so you really have to be paying attention.  Just a minor compliant really.  Lots of other bikers coming and going.  Friendly waves all round.  We share the bond of motorcycling.  So many Harleys.  Feels interesting being part of that experience.  So anyway, Yellowstone is a wonderful historic park that everyone should try to visit.
  Had a quick lunch at the Yellowstone Grill.  The guys shopped for souvenirs  Headed out of the park and hit road construction.  Stopped for a half hour at one, fifteen minutes at another.  Gravel sections.  Really had to handle Beaux Hemoth carefully  At 750 lbs, there is no way I could pick it up by myself should it ever drop, knock on wood.  Started to rain some so we suited up in our rain gear.
  Finally got out of the park and headed up Highway 212, The Beartooth Byway.  The sky was getting very dark ahead of us just as we started to climb up the mountain.  Got our signals crossed in the small town of Cooke City.  Biker and I couldn't get Michael's attention as we needed to pee.  Michael and Marc kept going, not noticing that we weren't still behind them.  Side note: Michael (Dad) usually leads, followed by Marc (Pa), then Mike (Biker), then myself (Lab Rat) riding tailgunner.  So it was Biker and I tackling the Beartooth as a duo.  Stopped a couple miles up from Cooke City put on some more layers at the temperature started to drop and it began to rain a bit.  This highway is like the Swiss Alps, it winds, twists and switch backs on itself.  Going ever higher.  Really tricky to maneuver in the wet with big bike like Beaux.  Slipped al little on a cattleguard at the beginning of a little bridge.  A sphincter tightening moment, one of many as it turns out.  Climbing and climbing, the temps dropping and the rain coming.  Saw a truck coming from a side road, its windshield covered with ice from hail.  Just past him we came into a stretch of road covered with ice from that storm.  Slippery and the skies were getting darker as we rose in elevation.  Remember, it is just Biker and I at this point.  We have no idea where Michael and Marc are.  Up ahead somewhere.  Got to what I thought was the summit at an automated temporary traffic signal at a construction zone.  Had to wait 20 minutes and the temps had dropped to 40.  When the signal changed, we were in the most nasty, slick mud, rock strewn stretch of road.  Very tricky and more scary.  Once though that, I could see we had many more thousand feet to climb.  Colder and wetter and higher we went.  Hit the summit at just shy of 11,000 feet.  Still snow on the peaks around us. And there before us were Michael and Marc in a scenic view area.  I can't even begin to describe it.  The pics will have to speak for me.  Celebrated our reunion and headed down.  The rain kept coming but the temps started to warm up.  Switchbacks with 3,000 foot drops on the way down.  Finally got to the valley floor into the Rock Creek Resort where Biker had made reservations yesterday.  Very comfy place.  Had a nice pan fried walleye for supper.  I'm toast.  Resort has not net access so I will post this tomorrow.
A totally thrilling day.  Thank you and good night.


Big Tits

Big tits with bikers as opposed to bikers with big tits



Cooke City  Note Gas Prices  We burn high test

It's all up hill from here

Reunited and it feels so good

Beaux Hemoth at 11,000 ft.

Paw at the top of the world

We survived the Bear's Tooth and lived to tell the tale

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