Friday, August 16, 2013

I'm a cowboy. On a steel horse I ride. And I am wanted........Farewell to Beaux Hemoth

There's no place like home

 Woke up around 5 this morning, about the same time I need to be up for market tomorrow.  Dad and Pa sent me a message around 7 that they were up as well.  I have been in my own room the last several nights, sometimes adjoining theirs so we have a suite.  Not last night in the "Fair" Western in Red Bluff.  Certainly couldn't call it a "Best" Western.  No A/C in the halls nor yogurt in the breakfast room.  We have justified the extra expense of Best Western due to the discounts for AAA, HOG, Seniors and the breakfast being included.  Some have been better than others.  Met a Jewish family of ten who were out of Seattle, touring some of the country.  They really liked Dad's shirt.  I'll post a pic that will explain their amusement.  The father said that he would really like to have a motorcycle to which his wife replied, no way!  They were a jolly bunch.  Sweet.
  So anyway..... we ate, packed and took out of Red Bluff and rode an hour or so before stopping to fuel up for the final push home.  We were on I-5 rolling through the vast agricultural valley north of Sacramento.  Beautiful sunny, warm morning.  I was listening to my movie trailer play list when the track from "Band of Brothers" came on.  Burst into tears of joy.  Scenery, music, riding with my biker family.  I had to remind myself to hold it together as clearly this was going to be an emotional day.
  Made the transition onto I-80 and all the road signs were very familiar as we were now around freeways we try to avoid on our Sunday rides.  Made a pee stop at the last rest area before home.  We sort of lingered, trying to stretch the time out.  Wanted to be home but didn't want the ride to stop.  After we sang, "San Francisco", off we went.  Down I-80, onto the Bay Bridge and then exited to Treasure Island for the final group shot.  Lined the bikes up and commandeered a guy standing there to take the pic.  He had a nice camera, took a couple of his own.  Gave him my email address.  We'll see if he comes through.  He took some with Dad's camera.  And then it was done.  I had a little sobbing jag.  They made it a truly epic ride and we will forever share the experience.  Biker Mike too even though he had split off in Spokane.  His was a great contribution, both by his long, tall presence and his sense of humor.  He and I roomed together before he split.  We often found a bar to have a beer together.  I was his shortish wingman.
  We got back on the Bay Bridge together and then went our separate ways.  Got to the house, quickly unloaded and took Beaux Hemoth back to the Dubbelju Motorcycle Rentals.  Babbled on to the folks there about the ride.  They didn't bat an eye that I had rolled up so many miles on the RK.  I highly recommend them.  They gave me my Triumph back and off I went.  It felt like a scooter compared to what I had been riding.  And now I am home, doing laundry after getting groceries.  Market tomorrow.  Same scene but I am a changed actor.  Isn't that what having adventures is all about?
  Remember to check back in the next week for the wrap-up post.  I need some time to process.
Nothing but love for ya'll.

It's been no bed of roses, no pleasure cruise.  I consider it a challenge and I ain't gonna lose.

Made traveling Jews laugh, front


Giving Beaux a goodbye kiss

oh, the mileage of it all

Mikey the mechanic at Dubbelju reacts to my mileage

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