Saturday, August 10, 2013

Come for the brisket, stay for the pie

  Wonderful lightning and thunder storm last evening.  The storm we had outrun yesterday hit after we were all snug in our hotel.  Sort of a funky start to the day.  One thing and another delaying our leave time.  Got sorted and took out for Kalispell MT.  Will be our home for a couple days so we can ride the Going to the Sun Road in Glacier National Park.  Temps were cool enough that we had to stop to put warmer gear on so we could continue.
  Biker was having problems with his bike, strong fuel smell that even I could detect when I rode close to him.  Found a Harley dealer in Kalispell by searching online and settled in for the ride.  Lovely ride through farmland.  Haying season for sure with all the big round bales sitting in the fields.
  Started to climb up valley as the road ran by a number of lakes, deep blue in color. Tall cedars lined the road.  Stopped for lunch at a nice family place in Seely Lake.  Delish brisket BBQ wrap as the guys poured over their GPS maps.  Homemade huckleberry peach pie.  My, my.
  Finished up and headed out again for more lake side riding.  Plenty of fishermen out.  Lots of lakeside cabins.  I did what I usually do in attractive places which is imagine what it would be like to live there.  Passed a resort on an island in the middle of the lake, accessible only by boat.  Way cool.
  Made it into Kalispell mid afternoon, checked into a nice hotel and then followed Biker to the Harley dealership to have his bike checked out.  Had to leave it until they had time to look at it.  While we waited, Marc and Biker shopped for t-shirts and stuff.  Looked like it was gonna take awhile for them to look at Biker's bike so we left.
  Had spotted a laundry drop off place close to the hotel and as I have no clean clothes anymore, I bundled up Biker and my stuff and hauled it in to be cleaned as did Marc and Michael.  I realized that I had never dropped off laundry before.  Always did it myself.  A very guilty pleasure.  Hope I get it all back.
  Talked to Mom who gave a report of Aunt Ruth's funeral.  Lots of family were there.  One of those times I wish I could be in two places at once.
  Went to the bar for a beer before supper.  Chatted with the bartender who was 36 today.  Talked football some.  Didn't gamble.  Almost every store, bar and gas station has a casino out here.  We walked down to a mexican place and had a good meal.
  Tomorrow we pick up the laundry, get Biker his bike and will head up to Glacier to ride to the sun.  Hope we have good weather.
  Gonna turn in early.  Big day tomorrow.  Ya'll take care now.
Today's mileage: 196

More layers please

Morning sky

And casino

Rock, paper, GPS

Homemade huckleberry peach pie

Afternoon sky

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