Monday, August 5, 2013

Transit Nevada/Utah Great Basin

On the road again
Woke in the lovely unconditioned Pony Canyon Motel.  I was up before everyone and walked over to the gas station for coffee.  Sat on a rock, watching the morning colors out in the distance.  I do so love the desert.  A rider from Australia saw me and walked over to chat.  He and couple of buddies had flown into LA and bought bikes to ride to Sturgis.  The other two had headed to Las Vegas but he decided to ride Highway 50 on the way.  We talked about bikes, he rides Triumphs back home.  Good guy.
After all the others had gotten up, we had a good local cafe breakfast.
Today was about laying down miles and enjoying the scenery.  We went and went and went, stopping only for gas and lunch.
Got our first National Park visit today.  Great Basin.  Wild country.  Got there later in the day and didn't spend a great deal of time.  Back out on the road and into Delta Utah.  Days Inn with a good local Mexican place to have supper.
Totally sweet day, riding with my riding family.  I realized at one point I was grinning in my helmet.   Joy.
Mileage 300 plus.  Roadkill sightings: one deer, two cows, more jackrabbits.

A man outstanding

One down, six to go

The vastness of it all

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