Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Purple Rainier

  Had a good nights rest.  Sprung for a good hotel last night with a comfy bed, breakfast included.  Sweet!  Got on the road around 10:30.  We had a lot planned for the day and needed to get the I-90 part out of the way, about 120 miles.  Crossed lots of hay fields.  We have seen a lot of hay being put up this trip, it is August after all.  The Columbia River cuts a deep gorge in the plain.  The bridge crossing it is impressive.
  Got into Yakima around noon.  Stopped for gas and a sub for lunch.  Met a guy from East Tennessee who was out visiting his son who in the military.  He had brought the son's motorcycle from Tennessee in a pick-up.  Funny, I could tell he was home folk from across the station without even seeing he license plates.
  From Yakima, we got on Highway 12 and headed for the White Pass Scenic Byway.  Great two land road climbing up into Cascades.  Lovely lake to our left for a way until we climbed well above it.  Topped the pass and before us was Mt Rainier.  After a long descent, we entered Mt Rainier National Park.  Decided to make the climb up to the visitors center just under the glacier.  Up around 6600 feet.  We have spent a lot of time at altitude this trip.  Love being up in the mountains.  Did some beholding and made our way back down.  Stopped for gas and headed out for Marc's parents place in Mossyrock, Washington.  Ramona and Tony welcomed us into their lovely home.  Ramona served up some stuffed shells, salad and bread.  Her grandparents are from Southwest Virginia.  We are most likely related.  Good folks for sure.
  Again, note that this trip is about finding great riding in and close to National Parks.  Photo ops are only when stopped for fuel, food and other business.

Good morning Washington

(wanted to) go jump in the lake

Like we don't ALL the time

Yuk, What is that?


Running out of adjectives

Dad and Pa get their lean on

Yea, we're bad

Who's that in the window?  Tony, Marc and Ramona

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  1. Oh hay Kelly! I'm sure glad you boys are having such a good ride. I can't wait to Yakima with ya.