Sunday, August 18, 2013

Riders of the Scurry

  So anyway, it is now a warm sunny Sunday afternoon in San Francisco and the apartment is a mess.  I did the minimum Friday in order to get to Saturday market.  Got home yesterday and collapsed.  Have slept in three hours shifts since then.  But I wanted to get to this before my recollections fade into the coming fog of time passing.
  There is a lot that I didn't cover in the daily posts.  Enough to let you know we were okay and having an adventure.  Here are a few things I want to add:
1)  It is remarkable to me that in all that riding, in all those states, on all those back roads, we did not encounter a single traffic accident.  Not even a minor come together.  Especially since Montana erects a cross at every traffic fatality in the state.  And there were plenty of crosses.  One in particular had a least 15 little crosses mounted a larger one.  Must have been a bus accident.  We were being watched over.  Thanks Aunt Ruth!
2)  Sturgis.  The grandaddy of all Harley Davidson gatherings.  It regularly draws hundreds of thousands of bikers to this little town in South Dakota.  I didn't refer to it because we weren't going and everyone we met asked if we were going.  We always explained that we were on a different ride.  And honestly, I think we had more roads to ourselves because of Sturgis.  Saw the most numbers of bikers coming through Yellowstone.
3) Our National Parks are a treasure that we need to support and protect.  Some of the ways logging and mineral mining is done would break your heart.  Not saying we shouldn't harvest our natural resources, just needs to done correctly with respect for the planet.
4)  Back roads and small towns are the places to visit.  Walmart and the like have put huge pressure on smaller businesses and restaurants.  Met some delightful people that way.  Ask for local recommendations.
5)  We are getting older.  Found out that a little extra comfort goes a long way towards making motorcycle travel easier.  Springing for better hotel accommodations can be a life saver.
6)  I am grateful for the opportunity to ride this great land.  Knowing that I have the love and support of so many family and friends made it all possible.  THANK YOU.
7)  To Dad, Pa and Biker, I have treasured our time on the road together.  Will take to my urn this experience. I love and respect each of you.  I lift my glass to ya'll.  Cheers.

Once again: the Riders of the Scurry

Dad (Michael)

Pa (Marc)
Biker (Mike)
LabRat (Kelly)

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