Thursday, August 15, 2013

Transit: Oregon/California Red dawn to Red Bluff

  So, we were up earlier than usual.  Partly because we can feel the end of the ride coming and partly because there was some possibility that we could hit Crater Lake National Park and Lassen National Park today.  We knew it would be a stretch as they are 4 1/2 hours apart and we would then have to find a place to stay the night and get back San Francisco tomorrow in the afternoon.
  We got on the road a little before nine and headed for Crater Lake, a 50 mile ride through volcanic piney woods.  The air was smokey from fires in southern Oregon that were pushed our way by the prevailing winds.  Got to the park entrance and took pictures to document getting into our sixth park of the trip.
  Rode on into the park and climbed up the crater rim.  From the top you can see the deep lake that fills the crater.  I am always awed by Crater Lake.  One of many volcanoes in the area.  Took some pics, hit the visitor center and rode back down.  Left the park and pointed the bikes toward Klamath Falls. 
  We planned to have lunch there, fuel up and decide if we could make Lassen today.  I guess I should share that I have lost my voice.  I sort of croak now.  We ate at a Subway and talked, well they talked, I croaked about the situation.  The decision was made to head for home, we had run out of time.  It was an ambitious goal to get to that many parks in so short a time.  If we had a month we could have.......
  After the damn GPS sent us around in circles in downtown Klamath Falls, I finally started following the actual highway signs and got us out of town on 97 toward Weed CA. where we were to pick up I-5 super slab, south bound.  Rode for an hour so until we stopped for some water (it was over 90 degrees) at a scenic pull out at the base of Mt. Shasta.  Took some pictures and had ours taken by a lovely lady from Idaho.  Rode on to Weed.  It was tempting to make a run for home right then as we had a smidge over two hundred fifty miles to San Francisco.  I think we were smart to agree that it was unrealistic to try it.  Got ahold of Best Western (our new Motel 6), made a reservation the one in Red Bluff, CA. and rode for an hour until we got there late afternoon.  Checked in, got some supper (Sea Bass), toasted the last night of the ride and now have called it a day.
  Stay tuned.  Will make the last ride post and then do the wrap post in the days to come, so don't give up just yet, if you haven't already in which case this sentence is useless.

red dawn




Band on the run

Mt. Shasta kith, kith


Red Bluff


  1. Youse guyz are magnificent. Ride on Mister Kelly!



  2. Not a useless sentence in the bunch. Read-riding along has been a pleasure.