Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday in the Park with Glaciers

 We are at that time of a long tour that getting started in the mornings seems to take forever.  Fatigue begins to slow us down.  One thing or another pops up to delay getting on the road.
  Started today taking Biker to get his bike from the dealer.  Ever doubled a 6'8" man on the back of a 750lb motorcycle?  I did pretty well with it.  So anyway......  A hose had decayed and that was causing the fuel smell.  After I was stung by a wasp, We bolted for the hotel to gather Michael and Marc.  Once gathered, we set out for Glacier to ride the Going to the Sun Road.  A bucket list ride for most motorcyclists.  Just out of Kalispell, Michael pulled over because a bolt had fallen out of his helmet face shield.  Fixed it with a zip tie and we were off again.  Damn wasp sting bothered me all day but certainly didn't diminish the thrills of the day.
  It being a Sunday, the line at the entrance was longish and we waited 15 minutes or so.  Stopped for some pictures just past the entrance.  The road runs along Logan Lake before starting to climb.  A bit of construction slowed the traffic plus we got behind one of those wonderful but slow pokey red buses full of tourists.  Biker was struggling because his bike was now throwing exhaust fumes in his face the whole way.  Unpleasant for him to say the least.
  The climb up to Logan's Pass (6600ft) was breathtaking, not because of the fumes but from the vistas.  Won't even try to describe it.  I'll let the pics do that.  Very happy to see the glaciers before they are gone.  Sad.
  Lunch after we descended.  Decided to not climb back up and over the pass again.  Instead  we took the long way round back to Kalispell some 120 miles.  Again stumbled on wonderful undulating two lane roads.  Almost as much fun as the climb earlier.  Biker was able to breathe better because we were up to speed and the wind helped clear the air.  He will have to deal with it tomorrow and may end up staying in Kalispell another day.  Michael, Marc and I will have to carry on with out him.  He was going to split off from us in Spokane anyway.  Been a real pleasure getting to know and riding with him.
  Went to a casino down the street for supper.  Fine half rack of ribs.  Oh yea.  Another tremendous day on the road.  So loving this.
  Gotta pack tonight and we are off again tomorrow for the next leg of the trip.
Carry on regardless.....



Biker catches a breather


glacier with falls

Logan's Pass

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