Wednesday, July 31, 2013

T minus 4 days and counting

  Up early this morning after a restless night.  Trying to get my head right and be up to the challenge of the mighty Road King.  Picked it up this morning first thing.  The folks a Dubbelju (the bike rental place) were most helpful getting me up to speed on the workings of the bike.  Familiar in some ways, some ways not so much.
  It is very different from my Triumphs.  Riding position is very relaxed, feet forward  It has floorboards instead of foot pegs.  The configuration of the turn signals is a bit different.  Very comfy saddle, ABS brakes, fuel injection, what are called moustach crash bars that I can put my feet up on for a different riding position and my favorite thing, cruise control.  WooWhoo.  I can cruise.
  Pulled away from the rental place and first thing couldn't find where the shifter was.  Everything is farther forward than I am used to.  But did find it before the first stop light.  Brakes are great.  Love brakes.
  Puttered around for a couple blocks and then up on the freeway.  YeeHaw.  Now that is some fine cruiser.  Spent the better part of 4 hours running up and down the damn roads.  Freeway, back roads, twisty mountain roads, ocean side roads.  Stopped at a mall parking lot and practiced figure 8's and panic stops.  Other than being a little tricky at low speeds, this thing is a gas!  Even found a name for it.
Welcome, Beaux Hemoth.

And so it begins
Ready to rumble

Sunday, July 28, 2013

T minus 7 days and counting

So, anyway....

Here is what we are up to.  Seven National Parks in 13 days with 4 riders.  Our over 3,000 mile loop of the West includes, California, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon and back home to the Bay Area of Northern California.

We are:

Michael  Those of you who followed the last scurry will remember him only this time he will back on his beloved Harley FXR.  He never bonded with his BMW from our 2011 trip.

Marc  One of our regular Sunday ride family.  He will be in the saddle of his very handsome Harley Heritage Softail.

Biker Mike: New to our crew but not new to distance travel.  You will come to recognize him as the 6'8" rider on his H-D Dyna.

And me, Kelly.  I will be aboard a rented example of the motor company's finest Road King.  Pray for me as I hit the road on this 750lb behemoth.