Monday, August 12, 2013

Transit: Montana/Idaho/Washington And then there were three.

  The day began early as Biker wanted to get his bike fixed so he could leave with us.  He got out around 8:30 and was there with the dealer opened.  Meanwhile, Dad, Pa and I took time packing while we waited to hear from Biker.  Got a chance to check in with my big sister in TN.
  Biker called about 10:30 saying the bike was done and he was headed back to the hotel.  Once he arrived and loaded his bike, we got underway around 11AM.
  Decided to take Rt 2 from Western Montana, all the way across Idaho and into Washington.  Lovely two lane road through hay fields and forests.  Big timber country.  Lot of log hauling going on.  2 runs along a couple rivers.  Don't recall their names.  I was enjoying the experience more than paying attention to place names.  I was really having fun.  I feel at peace when i have the helmet on and in the saddle.  Any tension or stress  falls away and I am one with road (did I write that?).  True enough though.
  So anyway....  later in the day we hit road construction.  Some rough going in gravel.  But Beaux and I were as one,  greeted the challenge. and prevailed!  LOL
  We stopped for lunch in Libby Idaho.  Chatted with a couple from Marin county who had a cabin up here.  He likes to fish.
  Then through more construction.  Biker and I got separated from Dad and Pa  in the middle of it.  Found them later in the afternoon outside of Spokane WA.  We knew all along the Biker was going to split off from us and visit friends in Seattle and Portland.  The rest of us are headed for Marc's parents close to Mt. Rainier.  I don't like good byes.  But we did say good bye to Biker.  Funny that we caught up with him 20 minutes later in Spokane proper.  When we got to I-90, we finally saw the last of each other.  Sad to see him go.
  Now we are three.  Pressed on through Spokane rush hour traffic and pounded out another 60 miles to Ritzville WA.  Got a couple of rooms at a Best Western (10% discount for Harley riders, one of the perks of Harley Davidson cult membership).
  Not many pictures today.  Was too taken with ride to remember to take many.  Makes me want to get one of those GoPro cameras that mount to your helmet.  Here are the few I took and one Michael took.  Too bad we don't have any of us and the bikes!
  Tomorrow Mt Rainier. Our fifth park.
Cheers ya'll

Field Trip

Side by Side and not into the wind

Last shot of the four of us

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