Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Transit: Utah/Wyoming

  Dawn broke beautiful over Delta this morning.  We were up early, had a good local breakfast.  Good local food has been a highlight of the trip so far.  Nothing fancy.  Filling and reasonable.
  Headed out of Delta around nine.  Two lane secondary road out to a national forest road called the Mt. Nebo loop.  Just a word about altitude.  We have been above 5,000 feet since we came down from the Sierra.  High desert, very dry.  Slightly annoyed with dry nose. but not bad.
So anyway, we started up the Nebo loop (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mount_Nebo_(Utah).  Open range with cattle about.  Plenty of cow pies and road apples to avoid.  Lots of switchbacks, climbing slowly up and up to the summit at around 9800 feet.  A total gas.  We managed to stop a few times for beholding and such.  Pictures pale in comparison but you get the idea.
Dropped down the other side of Mt Nebo and through Provo. Stopped for lunch in Heber City.  Up 189 and I-80 into Wyoming.  Checked into a nice Best Western in Kemmerer.  Found a restaurant, had supper and now back in the room.  Tired but very pleased with the day.
  On a sad note, my dear Aunt Ruth died early this morning.  A fine lady whom I loved dearly.  Glad I got the chance to spend time with her last May.  Will miss the funeral but I think she would understand.  She always loved hearing about my motorcycle adventures.  Wish I could have shared this one with her.
  And as a friend from Oregon who passed on recently would say:  Carry on regardless.

Climbing Mt. Nebo

Still climbing Mt. Nebo

Almost there

Mt Nebo 11,000 feet plus.  We are at 9500 feet


  1. Delta Dawn, what's that flower you have on
    Could it be a faded rose from days gone by?

    Sorry Kelly, couldn't resist. So very sorry about the loss of your Aunt Ruth. You're in a beautiful place to remember her.


  2. Sorry for your loss. I know how much those hometown ladies mean to you. You're right, though, she would understand and urge you onward.