Friday, August 9, 2013

Out running the coming storm

 Up this morning and out through Red Lodge MT.  Lovely 50 mile stretch of secondary road up to I-90.  Then pounding out the miles.  Longest fetch of interstate since we left California.  Stopped in Belgrade at the Yellowstone HD dealership to pick up a foot peg for Bikers FXDXT as he lost one going up the Beartooth.  Good guy at the dealership.  Pegs usually sold in pairs, he opened the package and sold Biker just the one peg he needed.
  The weather was closing in so we booked it to Helena MT for the night.  Hotel had fresh chocolate chip cookies just as we got there.  Local food for supper.  250 miles today.  That is all.

Good morning, now let's go!

The gathering storm

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  1. Was gettin' worried but now, all is well. Stay dry!