Monday, August 5, 2013

Transit California/Nevada

And we are off!  An odd beginning to the trip as we all came from different places and then met at a gas station in Fairfield.  We were to meet at 9AM.  I didn't sleep so well last night as I was up late getting the bike loaded so I could roll out first thing.  And I was up early and ready to roll.  Got to the gas station around 8:20 or so, thinking I was the first one there.  Then Marc rolled around the corner only he had been there for an hour already.  He had come from San Jose.  Then came Michael.  Then Biker.
Everyone fueled up and were ready to roll.  Out I-80 through Sacramento and up into the Sierra.  Beautiful day, blue sky and not too hot.  Stopped and had breakfast.  Didn't linger long as we were ready to lay down some miles today.
Got to the junction and took Highway 50, the Lincoln Highway, the loneliest highway as it is known.  High Nevada desert with long straights that go on for a couple hundred miles.  It did start to heat up with temps in the 90's.  We were lucky that way as it could be in the 100's this time of year.
Got to Austin NV. around 4 or so and checked into the Pony Canyon Motel.  Our home for the evening.  Pretty hungry so we repaired up the street to the local watering hole.  The International Cafe is a wonderful funky place, full of locals, all 8 of them and the owner/bartender Vic.  Had a beer and got to talking with him.  Turns our he was working at Disney World the same time I was working there.  He talked of his time in Florida, coming west, balls of snakes in Yellowstone and a lost station wagon in Key West.  They served food in the cafe that is part of the bar.  Had a fine meal, excellent salad and blueberry pie!  Nice topper to our first day out.  Tomorrow is our first National Park, Big Basin.
Pleasantly beat and going to sleep soon.  375 miles today.  Road kill count: one deer, one fox, six jack rabbits and dozens of something or others.  The road is unforgiving.  

The thundering herd gathers
Highway 50, The Loneliest Road
Pony Canyon Motel
Vic's place

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